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Paladin Pvp Guide

Paladin Pvp Guide

“Are You Tired of Being Poor, Leveling Slowly, and Getting Your Ass Kicked In Pvp?  Then Listen Up Because This Paladin Pvp Guide Will Change Your World!”

Now that I have your attention,

Hey I’m James and thanks for stopping by my Paladin PvP Guide.  Your about to discover the secrets to earn tons of gold in Wow, level 3x faster than every before, and most importantly DOMINATE Pvp.  So why am I talking about those other things?  I’ll tell ya in just a bit.

Paladin Pvp Guide PicAre You Struggling to Gain Honor Because You Are Always Losing Bg’s?

What if I told you there was a way that you could win 80% of your battlegrounds by using one simple technique?  Would you be interested to hear what I had to say?  There is a Paladin Pvp Guide that can tell you exactly how to accomplish this.

Do You Get Jealous When Other Players Walk By With Their Arena Shoulders?

I know this was always a really sore point for me because I would get the entire season’s arena set but then not be able to get the shoulders.  In one case I got all the way to 1972 on my 3v3 but couldn’t tip the edge.  It was enough to make me wanna delete my toon.  Luckily, there is a Paladin Pvp Guide that shows you exactly what strategies will work almost every time in the arena regardless of the team you are facing.

So What Is This Paladin Pvp Guide I Keep Talking About?

Glad you asked lol.  I am referring to Amy Anderson and her Warcraft Blueprint.  Now, you are probably already skeptical because she is a girl but trust me, she ain’t your typical girl.  She is a hardcore Wow gamer just like the rest of us and she got tired of being bullies so she studied her butt off and developed winning strategies to teach us guys just why we shouldn’t pick on girls.

Ok, So What Exactly Is Warcraft Blueprint?

Warcraft Blueprint is a 300+ page pvp guide that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to defeat your enemies.  First, everything is laid about about the different battlegrounds and what you can do to tip the scales in your favor.  These are sure fire techniques so don’t skip this section.  Next Amy explains how to put together the perfect premade so its nearly impossbile to lose.  Wouldn’t it be nice to win for a change?

The second section of the guide is dedicated to arenas and more specifically each individual class.  This is where you will find the paladin pvp guide section.  Warcraft Blueprint is going to break down every possible duel matchup and how to beat that class.  It will break down strategies for 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5.  In short, it gives you everything you need to know to sport those arena shoulders.

Wait!!! There’s More!

Warcraft Blueprint is NOT just a paladin pvp guide.  In fact, its not just a pvp guide at all!

Warcraft Blueprint includes 4 seperate guides

  • 300 + Page Pvp Guide
  • 300+ Page Gold Guide
  • 600+ Page Horde & Alliance Leveling Guides
  • All 10 Class Guides

“This is the Only Guide You Will Ever Need… Warcraft Blueprint Comes With FREE Updates for LIFE!!!  NEVER Buy Another Guide Again

When you download Warcraft Blueprint you get all four guides and Amy’s personal guarantee that you will be 100% totally satisfied.  If for any reason within the first 60 days you are not satisfied she will refund you money in full AND you get to keep the products!

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P.s Did I mention that all four guides cost less together than just the leading competitors gold guide alone?  Visit Warcraft Blueprint now

Retribution Spec Paladin – Talents

So in this section of the paladin pvp guide I wanted to cover with you my favorite retribution spec which is actually the only viable ret spec inside the arena.  Just because a spec works fine in a raid or in a battleground doesn’t mean it is well suited for arena combat.

The 07/11/53 setup is as follows:

Holy (7)

Spiritual Focus 0/5  Seals of the Pure 5/5

Healing Light 0/3  Divine Intellect 0/5  Unyielding Faith 2/2

Protection (11)

Divinity 0/5  Divine Strength 5/5

Stoicism 3/3  Guardian’s Favor 2/2 Anticipation 0/5

Divine Sacrifice 1/1 Improve Righteous Fury 0/3  Toughness 0/5

Retribution (53)

Deflection 0/5  Benediction 5/5

Improved Judgement 2/2  Heart of the Crusader 3/3  Improved Blessing of Might  2/2

Vindication 2/2  Conviction 5/5 Seal of Command 0/1  Pursuit of Justice 2/2

Eye for an Eye 1/2  Sanctity of Battle 3/3  Crusade 3/3

Two-Handed Weapon Specialization 3/3  Sanctified Retribution 1/1

Vengeance 3/3  Divine Purpose 2/2

Art of War 2/2  Repentance 1/1  Judgements of the Wise 3/3

Fanaticism 3/3  Sanctified Wrath 2/2

Swift Retribution 0/3  Crusader Strike 1/1  Sheath of Light 3/3

Righteous Vengeance 0/3

Divine Storm 1/1

Retribution Paladin Spec

Click to Enlarge

Spec Pros

  • Reduces fear/disorient effects on you
  • Your Eye for an Eye talent will break shamans’ grounding totems

Spec Cons

  • You lose the 30% damage dot from judgements, divine storm, and crusader strike criticals

Recommended Glyphs

  • Seal of Righteousness
  • Seal of Judgement
  • Salvation for survivability or Exorcism for Extra Damage (Your Choice)

This is just a basic introduction to the paladin’s ret spec and talent trees.  The overall goal of course is to try to minimize the damage you take while maximizing the damage that you deliver.  This is just a very basic introduction, however to paladin pvp.  If you need a more advanced paladin pvp guide then I recommend Warcraft Blueprint by Amy Anderson and recommended by Tony “Tdub” Sanders.  Next week’s edition of this paladin pvp guide will be covering the Holy version of a paladin pvp spec.

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Welcome To My Paladin Pvp Guide

Hey I’m James,

Thanks for checking out my new Paladin Pvp Guide site.  I’ve been playing Wow for several years now and my first toon was a paladin.  I had been a hardcore Diablo 2 player and always loved my pally in that game so I figured why not.  Although there are no Hammerdins in Wow I still love the fact I chose my pally first.  Since then I’ve leveled 3 more on various servers.

I know there is a lot of bad info out there on what does and doesn’t work in pvp but I’ve been playing my pally since Vanilla Wow.  I’ve participated in every single arena season since Season 1 and always been able to hit at least 2k ratings.  No, I won’t lie and say I hit 2500.  I’m not quite that good, at least not yet but that doesn’t mean this paladin pvp guide won’t offer you some real value.

The plan for this paladin pvp guide is to cover some of the more viable arena specs as well as team combos.  If you’d like to get a head start on your competition I’d suggest doing what I did and picking up Warcraft Blueprint by Amy Anderson.  There isn’t a better paladin pvp guide on the entire net.

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